8 Amazing things to know about UAE

Traveling is fun especially when you’re traveling across the UAE. The place is loaded with brilliant architectures and traditional buildings. The cities represent the modern and traditional lifestyle of Dubai that includes people from diverse backgrounds.

So if you’re planning to visit in the future or coming months, here are 8 amazing things you need to know about the UAE.

  1. Food is fantastic

Head out to different cafes and restaurants in Abu dhabi or Dubai or even do ‘shisas’ as you please. The Dubai food scene is also amazing. You can choose from tons of Afghani, Pakistani, Iranian, and almost all variety of food.

  1. The Malls are fun

Dubai has one of the largest malls in the world. Everything is included in the list, you name it. It has cinemas, ice rinks, skiing area, temples and what not? Apart from that, the malls have many entertainment facilities and wealthy amenities. Not to mention, the stores offer various products and brands from all over the world.

  1. Life is not limited to skyscrapers

Well the UAE culture is interesting beyond beliefs. The souks represent traditional commerce activities done by the traders. Here people can find lots of gold and silver treasures from all parts of the country.

  1. The Extravagant Nightlife

For those who love to stay awake for long hours at night, the night city life has a lot of experiences to offer. The cities actually don’t sleep at night and while many choose to stay quiet, UAE chooses to stay loud and clear even in the night time.

  1. Amazing Car Rental packages

Here’s why renting a car is much cheaper. The Rent-a-car agencies offer discounted codes to their visitors so they could travel safely and enjoy all the spectacular views at the same time. You can also look for services of rent a car in Sharjah or bus rental in Abu Dhabi agencies apart from Dubai.

  1. Palm Islands

The palm islands offer luxurious hotels for visitors to stay and enjoy the comfortable services in Dubai. They have indoor and outdoor pool systems with a beachfront view.

  1. PDA’s are offensive

Kissing or holding hands in public is strictly prohibited in many cities of the UAE and can lead to severe punishment or allegation charges. It’s better to be safe than sorry for all the visitors out there.

  1. The Spas are amazing

The Spas are literally the best part of Dubai. The staff is highly skilled and trained in their fields and offer spiritual healing and medicinal baths too.