Things You Need to Replace When You Are Renovating Your Childhood Bedroom

Your bedroom is your sanctuary, a place where you can relax and just be yourself. Your childhood bedroom might have given you this feeling, but now that you are an adult, some changes are in order for the place to suit your age and maturity.

If you are currently on the process of converting your childhood haven to a more mature sanctuary, here are the things you need to replace:

  1. The paint and wall decor

Your childhood wall paint and décor may look cute and pretty, but they might be needing some upgrade to suit your new taste. Repaint your bedroom wall with shades that speaks of your age and put decors that matches your grown taste. Revisit the color wheel and see which paint shade you think represents your personality. If you are still keen on keeping the color shade of your childhood bedroom, choose other shades of the color to give your space a new look, preferably darker than the old one to make the space more age-appropriate.


  1. The bed

Like your childhood bedroom, your childhood bed might not be fit for you anymore. The bedframe might be a bit small for you, as well as the mattress. It is a must to replace them with a sturdy bedframe along with the best memory foam mattress to ensure that you will have a good sleep every night. Purchase a good comforter and bed sheet that would match the new paint and design of your bedroom. Before buying the mattress, buy your bed frame first and get the exact measurement and dimension of the bedframe and show it to the store personnel. He would help on choosing the correct type and size of the mattress.


  1. The curtains and window coverings

Apart from replacing your old mattress with a natural latex mattress and your bed frame as well, you can now turn to replacing your curtains and window coverings. Before replacing, you may need to identify the kind of coverage you want for your bedroom. Opt for a simple curtains as to not overwhelm the design of your bedroom. If you want to have more privacy, you can opt for a dark curtains. Play on the colors and less on the design.

  1. The lighting fixture

The lighting is essential to make your new bedroom look fresh and modern. Be sure to pick the right kind of lighting fixture for your bedroom. If you opt to retain the old ones, you can instead supplemental lights like a lampshade.