Signs of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder

Many people are not aware of the Attention deficit and hyperactivity disorder. Basically, it is complex mental condition; it is a mental disorder than can have severe effect on your child’s success. The problem with AHDH is that it is not easy to recognize its symptoms. People fail to recognize its symptoms.

ADHD treatment in Dubai is possible but the real problem is that parents don’t recognize its signs. Different kids show different signs of AHDH, so a doctor has to evaluate the criteria of diagnosing if a kid has ADHD or not. Usually the symptoms of AHDH get visible when your child becomes a teenager.

If you are not sure whether your child is AHDH or not, there are few signs which can help you in determining that. It is great to diagnose it at early stage so that the treatment gets started easily. Some common signs of AHDH are:


There are kids who have AHDH but people usually ignore it. If your kid interrupts a lot when two people are talking, if he tries to interrupt between the ongoing conversations then the possibility is that a kid is suffering from ADHD.

Self-focused behavior of a kid

If a kid doesn’t understand the desires of other people, if he is so into himself, he doesn’t care of the sentiments of others, it is more that he doesn’t care for anything except for him then your child may be showing you a clear symptom of AHDH.

Don’t wait for their turn to come

If a kid is so hyper that he doesn’t wait for his turn to come, if he is showing you this behavior or when he play games with other kids and don’t wait for his turn to come then surely it is a clear symptom of ahdh. You can’t ignore this symptom; you need to consult the child psychologist upfront.

They don’t finish task.

Another symptom of AHDH kids is that whatever you assigns to them, they never fulfill it. They never complete their task, though they start the projects but always find difficulty in finishing those tasks. If your kid is showing you such attitude that he always starts the projects but never complete it then that kids need to be checked by a pediatrician. As a parent it is your responsibility to take care of your kid’s physical and mental health. It is not advisable to ignore the symptoms. If you wish to know about more possible symptoms then click on read more.