Shipment Preparations Business Owners Need to Do

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Forwarders ensure that your items are delivered right on schedule. But to be able to accomplish this, clients would also need to make necessary preparation to guarantee a smooth and hassle-free shipping of their items.

Below are the preparations clients need to accomplish:


  1. Make an inventory

Before delivering your goods to your forwarder, be sure to make an inventory of all the items. If it is a high-volume item delivery, then have the inventory at least two weeks before the shipment schedule. Be sure make a breakdown of the item type, the description, how many items per category and what it is made off. Forward this to your forwarder and the receiving personnel so they can countercheck the items once they received the delivery. Go over the list once again before sending them.


  1. Prepare the necessary papers

Freight forwarding companies usually give their clients a list of documents they need to provide for the customs approval beforehand. Be sure to accomplish those papers and give it to your supplier on the agreed schedule. Delaying this would also delay the processing of papers and your shipment. If there are papers that needs to be processed, confirm when these papers will be out for pick up so you can adjust your timeline accordingly. Double-checked your list and fill up the necessary forms and papers.


  1. Check for viable containers

Choosing the right containers is important as this will be ensuring the safety of your items. Talk to your forwarder and ask for suggestions based on the kind of item that will be shipped. Some forwarding companies offer containers as part of their shipping package. If they don’t offer one, then they probably know someone that supplies containers for shipment. Just give them the right size and type of material so they can give you appropriate options, pricing and quotations.


  1. Be sure to packed the items accordingly

Aside from choosing the right container, the manner of how you packed the items is important. Packed them accordingly according to their category. For delicate and fragile items, be sure packed them with protective trappings like bubble wraps, Styrofoam, etc. and put a big mark on the boxes so that the staff that would be handling the shipment would know how to handle these items properly.


  1. Meet your forwarder prior to the shipment

Once everything is packed, set a meeting with your forwarder just to check if everything is in schedule and if there are things that need to be accomplished from your end. This is also the opportunity to clarify things and ask questions about the incoming delivery and shipment. Have them discuss the terms and conditions once again.


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