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Why Learning Revit Is Crucial For Architecture Students

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Being an architect is long process and journey. Aside from getting the diploma and required certification, you need to incorporate special skills that would make your resume attractive to prospective employers. That is why students are encourage to take elective Revit training in Abu Dhabi to enhance their skills.

If you are having hesitations on taking this training, here are the advantages you can reap from it:


Will improve your design skills


Revit is great for creating 3D models, digital drawings, and creating sections and details. If you practice creating architectural details and models using Revit software, you are continuously polishing your design skills and upgrading your structural design prowess. You can use Revit software to practice constantly until you are able to apply theory into practice and even create and innovate your own design.

You can apply this on your future school projects or even sideline works. This would give you an edge over your classmates and give you advantage when looking for work.


Enhance your presentation skills

Architects are also known as great communicator. Every day, they faced clients, team members and other personnel involved on the project to explain the structural design. Talking alone is not enough to convince people to approve any project. Every presentation needs to have a solid 3D model that would depict the structural plan and design. By using Revit, you can create a concrete design that can help you on your presentations, whether it is for your school or other outside projects.


Great introduction to BIM

A lot of people confused Revit with Building Information Modelling (BIM). To clear the air, Revit is used to create BIM, but is it not BIM itself. What Revit software do is help architect-users to create design and collaborate with other team members to emphasize the BIM model. Revit can be a great way to learn BIM as the program and software is created for the purpose. You can will be comfortable on designing and manipulating data and have an edge to those who are still using 2D models.


Great addition to your resume when applying for internship

Applying for internship is not as easy as it seems as you have to compete for a post like a real job. To increase your chances of landing an internship by having a proper Revit software training. There are firms that are looking for architectural students who have certified Revit training. By gaining valuable internship experience, you can land the job that you want after graduation.

Update your portfolio

An architecture student with a strong portfolio has a definite advantage over others. Using Revit software, you can create designs and 3D models that would speak of your capability as an architect.

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